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Brow Design



A very natural looking brow created by using a hand-held tool, making hair-like strokes and implanting pigment. Microblading is meant to replace individual hairs, not to fill your brows to look like they're filled in with pencil or shadow. This method is best suited for thin or patchy brows, mature skin, for someone who wants a more subtle enhancement.

Due to the shallow depth of penetration of the pigment under the skin, it is the least permanent form of pigmentation, requiring more frequent touch ups than other techniques. Typically clients come back between 8-12 months for a colour boost. Microblading is less effective on oily/combination skin types than other methods.

Not everyone is a candidate for Microblading.


The ombré powder fill brows also known as shading with longer lasting results creating desired fullness of brow. This brow works well with most skin types, including oily or combination skin. The brow is also fuller and more defined or dramatic than with the hairs stroke method. Brows can be customized to be shaded from light to dark in an ombré style with tails being darker and more defined. This method is well suited for someone with oily or combination skin, or who fills in your brows regularly with pencil or shadow, then this is the smudge free and waterproof method for you!

Combination Brows

This brow is my favourite brow technique because it’s combination of microbladed hair strokes and a powder fill gives an incredibly natural looking brow. It's a bit more defined and filled in than just straight microbladed brows, and a bit less solid and dramatic than the ombré powder fill.